Internetrules topic about books hes reading

i am going to use this topic to write about me reading books.

right now i am listening to The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson. the magic system in this book seems to be based on drawing things in chalk.

its a bit hard to understand the narrator describing the drawings, so i got a digital copy of The Rithmatist that has some illustrations i can look at. i think the illustrations helped me understand the drawings more.

I think Rithmatist is meant to appeal to Harry Potter fans.

my favorite audiobooks (besides Ayn Rand books) are the GraphicAudio versions of some other Brandon Sanderson books (namely the Mistborn Trilogy and The Stormlight Archive, especially Oathbringer).

some of the brandon sanderson series seem like they can be really long. i havnt read a lot of books yet, so i think i should generally stick to smaller books.

according to wikipedia mistborn series is 1 million words. the individual books are like 100k to 250k words tho.

idk how hard it is to read a series of books, it seems like you need to remember a lot of stuff thru the entire series.

if you read a bunch straight through it can be easier cuz you don’t have time to forget stuff and are excited by/interested in the story. with longer gaps (cuz you’re e.g. waiting on new books) reading a short summary can be helpful assuming you don’t wanna reread all the old stuff

reading straight thru seems kinda problematic to me, cuz youd be stuck on the same genre of book for a while.

i think doing something like: reading one book in a series, then reading some other genres, then reading a summary of book 1 and start reading book 2 in the series. i think this method would work if your worried about only getting to read a single genre for to long

if u want to focus on trying out lots of different genres i can see the issue. if you like the series tho i think it’s np :slight_smile: