Internetrules Trying to Post Something in Unbounded

Topic Summary: I am trying to post something (this topic) in unbounded. I did not post my comments on Feynman in unbounded because it seemed harder to post a topic in unbounded than other/friendly.

Goal: Post something (this topic) in unbounded. I think this will lead to me being able to post more stuff in unbounded

CF relevance: I am not sure. I think it has some relevance with: It is doing a specific goal that I set in advance. Trying to post in unbounded means I have more options to interact with CF stuff. Those are the relevant things I can think of right now.

Do you want unbounded criticism? (A criticism is a reason that an idea decisively fails at a goal. Criticism can be about anything relevant to goal success, including methods, meta, context or tangents. If you think a line of discussion isn’t worth focusing attention on, that is a disagreement with the person who posted it, which can be discussed.) I havn’t really thought out my answer to this question. But I am going to answer yes. Yes.

Ok I succeeded!




I think I’m practicing live text chatting on this forum

What’s your opinion of something?

I think the term “Flag” for like reporting has to do with landmines. Like: I think back in the days of maybe World War 2 they might have put red flags where they think landmines might be so people know not to go there. In the game minesweeper you put red flags on the tiles you think have mines on them.

I don’t know why they use flags for posts that violate the rules as if they were landmines.

What’s something you might disagree with me about?

Oh man that one sounds scary to respond to! I feel like I’m automatically trying to sabotage my self from something I might disagree with you about.

I think this message is kind of relevant to get a response to first before I continue trying to think about what I might disagree with you about.


I think so. Here is how I would re-type that sentence:

I feel like I’m automatically trying to sabotage my self from thinking about things I might disagree with you about.

OK. What are some things you agree about?

Some easy ones I think would be:
Water is good
Air is good
Food is good

less easily agreeable:
Smartphones are good
Computers are good
Cars are good

What do you mean about “less easily”? Do you have doubts about those and think they might actually be bad? Or you’re unsure what I believe?

What do you mean about “less easily”?

They are things I agree with and think are good, but that I think you are less likely to agree with me than the things on the first list

I am pretty sure you think smartphones, computers and cars are good, but I think the chance that you agree with them being good is lower than the chance you think water, air and food are good.

The first list is stuff I’m really sure you will agree with me on (made up number: 99.99% chance), and the second list I’m less sure, but still pretty sure, you would agree with me on (made up number: 99.9% chance)