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Topic Summary:

This would be a place for me to write about things. The main point in creating this topic is so that it’s more easy for me to write about things because I won’t have to make a new topic every time, I think I still would need to figure out if the thing I’m writing about would be better in a different topic. I stole this idea from Elliots Microblogging topic.


Write things on the CF forum. Get input from other people.

CF relevance:

Trying to be more comfortable with posting on CF.

Do you want unbounded criticism? (A criticism is a reason that an idea decisively fails at a goal. Criticism can be about anything relevant to goal success, including methods, meta, context or tangents. If you think a line of discussion isn’t worth focusing attention on, that is a disagreement with the person who posted it, which can be discussed.) Yes.

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I liked this website:

I tried writing more than just the initial pargraph, but it was hard cuz I don’t feel like I actually understand enough to explain what the website is. And I don’t think I understand enough to make my own example from what the website taught, while understanding my example and not making an error in it.

I guess I could add on to how I found the website:

Sometimes people will say something like: “A is 35 times less than B”, and that doesn’t really make sense to me. What your supposed to do is like assume A is 1/35th of B and that works, but they don’t talk about it as a fraction or division, they say times as if it was a multiplication which seems weird. So I looked up “Times less” and this website was the first result.