Introducing Myself

Hi everyone,

I’m Apricus. I joined FI on September 9, 2019 and left around May 2020. I’m rejoining now to give it another shot. I initially found FI from an interest in David Deutsch where I was reading his books, listening to podcasts with him in them and scouring through the internet for all related content. I discovered TCS and eventually FI that way.

My life was in a pretty unstable place when I last joined FI and I also experienced some harassment and threats from a person who was sockpuppeting and harassing the community. My life is more stable now, I’m happier and more resilient and more prepared to deal with criticism and volatility. I’m open to discussing the topics I was discussing before I left, including doing a post-mortem on any of them.

My interests include reading non-fiction, writing, philosophy, videogames, watching TV shows, discussing all sorts of stuff, learning about people, and learning about business, marketing, and finance. I’ve also been recently interested in cryptocurrencies and more specifically NFTs (nonfungible tokens).

I’m open to discussing most things. I can sometimes be blunt/rude but I don’t have a super thick skin, so I can handle discussion that’s more direct than social convention but I don’t meet FIs highest standard for unbound discussion. I will mostly be posting within the Friendly category for that reason.

Some people I’ve interacted most with from FI are curi, Justin, AnneB, Kate and with Alisa and Alan Forrester a little bit. FI was very helpful in some ways back then, where they helped me resolve an issue with my mother being diagnosed with bipolar and being involuntarily institutionalized. They also got me to explore some new interests and try out new things which was helpful since I tend to be averse to trying unfamiliar things.

I’ve read a lot of curi’s blog, this forum, and the FI google group archives. from the FI google group archies I especially liked and found useful the posts of Jason, PAS and Andy D.I also like the website’s articles.

I’m currently working on learning basic Javascript and game design. I helped some friends start a company working on a videogame that we’re planning to release by March 2023. Other that, I collaborated with a friend to start a website about health and fitness for which I wrote some copy and blog posts.

I’m also learning basic marketing and social media management to start creating content for our game design company. The current book I’m reading is “How to Live” by Derek Sivers ([

Feel free to message or @ me to discuss anything. I like meeting new people and learning about them.


Also wanted to add that I’ve been following some of the people curi has mentioned in the past and enjoyed their content:

Jonathan Stark (I liked his series on why hourly billing is nuts. It made a lot of sense)
Reisman (haven’t read as much of his stuff but he made some arguments that helped me see why capitalism more progress towards solving something like poverty rather than taking money from rich people to do that)
Ramit Sethi (I read his book on financial basics and it was personally useful. His blog also had some good tidbits. It was funny to read a blog post from curi about how Ramit didn’t respond to some positive emails from curi but did respond when curi cc’d Ramit on some criticism/error-pointing content, which kinda showed Ramit’s social dynamics involvement)
Haven’t looked much into pickup artist content but curi’s explanations persuaded me that it isn’t an immoral subject.
Some of the conservative youtube channels that expose things, like Project Veritas.

Just realized this post might be better for off-topic since that one is labelled for personal stuff. If so, please move this post there. Thank you and sorry for misposting