Introduce yourself here. Here are a few things you could share. But share whatever you want. Any kind of normal introductory information is good.

  • What’s your career or planned career?
  • Hobbies?
  • What is your goal with CF, philosophy and/or your forum posts?
  • How did you find CF? When?
  • Opinion of Elliot and CF?
  • What philosophy stuff do you already know, if any? What have you read?

I work as a lawyer.

I’ve been spending some time learning math lately.

I listen to audiobooks.

I like cooking food sometimes.

Occasionally I play games. Not in a while though (since finishing BotW). Baldur’s Gate 3 looks interesting but I think it’s not finished yet. I’ll let them finish it!

Re CF goal, I don’t know if I have a very specific goal. Maybe it’s kind of like “engage with it at a hobby level and try to learn a thing or two.”

Re forum posts, I want to try to be helpful and to practice kindness. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was part of the FI community for many years and TCS before that. So I’ve been around forever.

Elliot = smart guy! Has figured out important things.

CF = important, good. Synthesizes some good existing stuff that was not already synthesized and builds upon it with novel stuff that Elliot figured out.

Have read most of Rand, lots of Popper, some of Szasz and Goldratt and the Austrian economists.