Is there a way to make the TikTok UI nicer (e.g. video seeking, disable auto-play/pause, etc)

Does anyone know of a way to add some quality of life features to tiktok? particularly I’d like to be able to seek/scrub through a video. disabling the auto-pause/play thing would be nice too, but less important.

ATM if I scroll down (even a bit) then the video at the top pauses. When I go back to that vid it starts from the beginning again. With the “video speed controller” extension for FF, I get little tooltips for changing the speed or skipping fwd/back 10s, but if I try to use those then the page reloads and I have to watch the vid from the start again.

idk what’s up with the buttons in VSC but seeking with hotkey works for me. no scrubbing or seeing vid length tho.

alternatively, use youtube-dl

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They seem to work for me too. I also just realized that there are two ways that TT shows videos: a full-screen-ish mode and more of a timeline-like mode. Clicking the buttons in VSC only causes the page to refresh in the timeline mode (where clicking the video normally takes me to the full-screen-ish mode). In the full screen mode the VSC buttons work fine. Keyboard shortcuts work in both.