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I’ll post stuff here when I don’t have another good thread to put something in but don’t want to open up a new thread just for that thing.

Trying out a new Logitech vertical mouse, seems nifty so far https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07FNJB8TT/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I find I still need to do a fair amount of manual fussing around with bluetooth headphones. I wish that situation was better.

Apple’s headphones require less fussing but still a bit. Some are kind of ridiculous though. With one pair (Jabra, non-Apple) I have, the most effective procedure when i want to change devices is to disable bluetooth on the device I no longer want to use. The Jabras also “grab” headphone focus from the AirPods or other devices if the Jabras are not in their case. Pretty obnoxious, though they have some unique advantages.

I can one-shot the Guardian Stalkers and Skywatchers in BotW now. Lynels have gotten easier, though the ones that use the Lynel Crusher still give me some trouble

Audible audiobook manager that people have described as like “Calibre for audiobooks”. https://openaudible.org/

Trying it out. Looks like it handles your audible books in a nice, automatic way, and you can also manage stuff from other sources in it

material omitted from Ayn Rand’s playboy interview. example:

PLAYBOY: Philosophers have offered world systems in the past, often with frightful and frightening consequences—slavery, inquisitions, purges, etc. Isn’t there something in the very nature of philosophical system-building that leads to intolerance? Don’t world views, because they try to be all-inclusive, because they are so neat and seemingly simple, attract and encourage fanaticism?

RAND: Surely you don’t mean to say that knowledge and consistency are dangerous, but ignorance and inconsistency are safe? It is irrationality that leads to fanaticism, and inconsistency that leads to destruction. Man cannot escape the fact that he needs a philosophy. The only question is: what kind of philosophy is it? If one man believes consistently in production, and another man believes consistently in robbery, the nature and the consequences of that consistency will not be the same. The atrocities you mentioned were caused by philosophy—by the wrong kind of philosophy. They were caused by the irrational influence of what, in a generalized sense, I can call the Platonist school of thought.

Being Depressed at Having Too Much “Basic” Stuff to Do Versus Being Happy At Having Lots of Low-Hanging Fruit

One perspective to take on realizing you have to work on basic skills is to be sad, frustrated, feel cheated by your “education”, etc.

Another perspective to take on that situation is that there is lots of easy, low hanging fruit from you to choose from where you can make a bunch of gains in a pretty predictable manner.

It’s kind of like being a developing country. Sure, being a poor country isn’t a great situation. It’d be better if you weren’t. But other people in the world have already figured out that if you just respect private property, allow people to invest, have a sound currency, let people build some factories, have some law and order, have some reasonably competent and not-too-corrupt people in charge of the laws and govt, and some other pretty straightforward things, you can make big advances pretty quickly. So you can look at it that way and be excited at the opportunity.

Or you can be mad at the world for being unfair and shoot the messenger…

iPad mini too small for my iPad needs these days (had one years ago) but I’m glad they are still gonna update it with good, recent hardware (if rumor is true)

Easy way to make an “app” on your computer for arbitrary websites, with presets for lots of common apps. I’m trying it out for the to do list I’m currently using (TeuxDeux). Seems nicer than pinning a tab.

Still seems nifty. I think it is maybe a tiny bit less comfortable than the Evoluent mice cuz the angle is not as upright, but the build quality is nicer (Evoluent feels a bit cheap) and, more importantly, the wireless connection is more solid (Evoluent wireless could be a bit wonky and lose the signal even at close range, causing sporadic “sluggishness” in response to movements).

Also they actually have software support for current versions of macOS…Logitech has an actual software development budget I guess. It’s often preferable to buy stuff from a big corp instead of a small shop for reasons like that…

I’ve had some issues with one of my button configurations not working (for opening Spotlight). Haven’t figured that one out yet

trying one for CF forum too. the icon looks low rez (TeuxDeux icon shown for comparison)


When I delete a file from my Mac’s Applications folder, I have to enter my password. But if I use AppCleaner, I only have to enter it once for each time I delete stuff (So I can e.g. drag 10 apps to AppCleaner and enter password once).

AppCleaner also finds hidden folders related to the app (you wanna eyeball it tho and make sure it’s only grabbing relevant stuff, especially if you have had multiple versions of an app installed)


i made a checklist entry in Notes that says I should delete outdated/unnecessary notes :slightly_smiling_face: #meta

quantifiable metrics help with getting things done. i guess a major thing there is they give you some criteria for “good enough”.

e.g. “Delete 1k old emails” is a pass/fail goal. You’ve either accomplish it in some given set of time or you don’t

working on a “high likelihood to be junk” Smart Mailbox in Mailmate to make email deletion more efficient

sorting by Sender groups stuff together pretty well so you can find big chunks of junk at once

Monterey will support streaming Apple Fitness+ to Macs. Nifty

macOS Monterey Brings Apple Fitness+ to the Mac With AirPlay - MacRumors.

People like to bring up their hatred of Ayn Rand a lot. See many of the comments in this thread:

Liked this guy’s reply though

More tax forms/reporting to deal with, though it seems like it will matter for your tax bill if you’re actually selling online as a biz and not if you just sell an old personal computer on eBay.

Under current rules, individuals who sell goods or services via platforms like Uber, Ebay, Etsy and others that use third-party transaction networks (i.e., PayPal) generally only receive a tax form if they engage in at least 200 transactions worth an aggregate $20,000 or more. That form, called a 1099-K, also goes to the IRS.

Starting next year, the federal threshold for issuing the 1099-K will drop to $600 with no minimum transaction level, due to a provision in the recently enacted American Rescue Plan Act. (Some states already have lower minimums.)


If your sales are akin to having a garage sale — i.e., you unload belongings for less than what you originally paid — there typically is no reason to report what you pulled in, said Weston at the American Institute of CPAs. Essentially, there is no “income” to report.

Of those who have sold pre-owned goods on Ebay, for instance, 85% plucked items from their house — things they already owned and no longer used, according to a recent report from Ebay.

Otherwise, the taxation depends on the situation.

you can “uncheck” all the items in an (Apple) Notes checklist en masse (to “reset” a checklist to an unused state for another day of fun checking) by:

  1. selecting all the items in a checklist
  2. clicking the “Make a checklist” button twice

nesting is preserved