Lack of CF Sharing/Promoting

Maybe people don’t share/promote CF much b/c they don’t actually want their social circle to read it. for two reasons. 1) for privacy. i make them talk on public forum but they want private forum, so they just don’t tell anyone it exists. then it’s more like private help that most the ppl in their life don’t see, like getting a draft edited in private. or like if they are gonna have any student-type interactions or receive criticism, they don’t want their friends and colleagues to see it. 2) so they can impress ppl by saying sound bites from here. you wouldn’t want to share your source of clever remarks and reveal that you aren’t thinking of them yourself.

not sharing FI is partly a way to get (semi) private help without paying for privacy.

I have pinned a tweet promoting CF

BTW did you see Using Political Twitter ? (reply there not here)

I have not always acknowledged CF as much as I should have. I sometimes posted on Twitter and asked questions about how a person would know if he was wrong, whether there is a written account of a person’s position he is willing to defend and stuff like that. This is partly a result of CF content so I linked to CF on Twitter.

I don’t discuss philosophy or anything other than narrow programming topics with people at work because at least one person there is hostile to disagreement about non-work topics to the point of backing physical violence. Nobody else expressed any disagreement with that position so I’m not interested in discussing anything of substance other than strictly work related topics with anyone at work.

I don’t socialise with people outside of work.

If you think putting up with that (at work) is your best option then don’t tweet politics with your name. Someone from work could notice. Similarly don’t talk about work here under your name.