Learning To Use The Forum

I’m still learning my way around Discourse. Y’all can post info as you figure stuff out.

I was just trying to figure out how to find new posts. The Categories or Latest pages show active threads rather than individual posts. I just used the bell icon to change my setting on the forums to Watching or Tracking (I’m not clear on the difference and tried both). I think that’ll generate some notifications for individual posts.

It seems like you can generate RSS feeds via adding .rss to the end of some/most URLs. e.g., https://discuss.criticalfallibilism.com/latest.rss, https://discuss.criticalfallibilism.com/t/learning-to-use-the-forum/77.rss.

It didn’t work for the “Recent New” tab for me, though. Unfortunately latest.rss just links threads and doesn’t include the replies. I didn’t find a way to produce an RSS feed of all replies (to any post).

Actually, just found https://discuss.criticalfallibilism.com/posts.rss.

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Anyone know the names of the menus in the top right?

I came up with User Menu and Site Menu as possible names. The Site Menu has a link to a bunch of keyboard shortcuts :slight_smile:

I call this a hamburger menu (I think that’s mostly what it’s called in app development, which is where I know it from). Site menu sounds reasonable too.

I got the Discourse Hub iOS app.

Fig is a forum reader app that has 4.8 stars and supports Discourse. May be worth trying: