Migrated my site finally

I’ve finally migrated my site off the old jekyll one I had: https://xk.io/

It’s based on the prototype code from 8 months ago for a CF forum. (current code-base isn’t public, tho it will be one day)

An aside on the pre-discourse plan (a custom CF forum): given how much effort has gone into it thus far, I think discourse was a prudent idea. The code-base is still a ways away from what discourse provides.

You can register an account and post to the test topic if you want to try stuff.

My old site is at https://legacy.xk.io

One thing I found pretty painful (in the scheme of things) was the necessary features for redirects and things so that links didn’t break (at least the foundation for general migration is there, now).

Looks like there’s a discourse feature for linking to other sites or something (the <arrow> xk.io bit):

I think it happened b/c I pasted the URL as the title to start with, then I updated the title.