Movie Suggestions (Edit: And TV Shows)

Anyone have any movies to suggest? I’m watching some based on coworker recommendations right now and I’ve been enjoying the ones he’s recommended. Recent recommendations from him were Wreck it Ralph (and the sequel, Ralph Breaks The Internet), Inside Out (by Pixar), Life as a House, and Boyhood, as well as the 1940 movie Fantasia.

I’m fairly genre agnostic as long as it’s not horror or something like that. I like movies that make insightful points or show aspects of life that aren’t commonly explored in media.

I like the South Park movie. Team America is ok.

I haven’t watched many movies for years but recently enjoyed some about finance, particularly The Big Short. I also found Wolf of Wallstreet and Boiler Room worth watching.

I watch more YouTube and reality TV shows. IME it’s hard to find educational stuff that I can learn much from outside specific niches where people have expertise like chess or a video game. I generally like realistic stuff more than scripted, e.g. Life Below Zero, Big Timber, Outback Truckers or Mountain Men show parts of life I don’t see otherwise (those aren’t esp important things to know about though). Teen Mom 2 and others with relationships and drama (e.g. The Bachelor, Love is Blind, Married at First Sight, Marrying Millions, 90 Day Fiance) can show stuff about how people’s lives suck and how they view relationships, so I think it’s good to see a bit of that to have some familiarity. There are things like How It’s Made, Impossible Engineering and documentaries that have nice info. I also sometimes like historical fiction, esp for Greece or Rome, but anything that’s more about history rather than putting modern drama or comedy in an old setting.

The Pickup Artist (2 seasons on vh1, around 2007) was the best reality TV show I’ve seen. Bullshit was a good show.

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I haven’t watched much in the way of movies in years. At some point I realized that I was going to watch movies (like in the theater) and not actually enjoying them, so I stopped doing that. Since that happened, even the number of movies I watch at home has been pretty small.

The stuff I enjoyed back in the day tended towards sci-fi and action movies (faves are Terminator 2, The Dark Knight Trilogy, the original Star Wars trilogy, the first Matrix film).

One (old) movie I saw recently and liked okay was Master And Commander: The Far Side Of The World.

I have enjoyed TV more. I’ve been watching The Mandalorian and like that okay despite its plot holes. I also enjoyed The Witcher, despite some serious reservations about its portrayal of Geralt. I also enjoy ancient history documentaries like this series Roman Empire | Netflix Official Site

Old TV that I liked includes Battlestar Galactica, Joss Whedon stuff (Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse/Firefly) and Babylon 5.

Another TV show I liked recently was the Castlevania anime on netflix

Be aware though: they lie more than you’d expect in reality TV. (Kinda like the NYT lies more than people expect, even though people think they know it’s biased and lies some.)

watched episode 1 of Star Trek: Picard. seems okay. style felt very different than what i think of as a typical star trek show. it had more of a movie look in terms of cinematography. and they seem to be following current TV conventions and doing more of a continuing plot.

Finished Picard Season 1. I liked it okay. I had some issues with the finale. One issue in particular bothered me (mega spoilers):

Why would deactivating the beacon affect whether the AI Federation aliens show up? Once it’s activated, wouldn’t they be coming? Like they called it a beacon but it seemed more like a wormhole machine or something? And overall the way they handled that scene was kinda dumb. Like I thought they were setting things up for a first contact, and maybe if the aliens were hostile the Romulans and Federation would have to join forces, but then they just kinda hand waved this major threat away.