Topic about the computer game Overwatch.

Haven’t seen much info yet, but looks like Overwatch 2 is going 5v5 because people dislike the tank role so it’ll be one tank instead of two. Some people on reddit think this will make it worse b/c being the only tank means everyone will be shooting at you and you’ll be under more pressure (and flamed by your team more), so ppl are going to like tanking even less now. Seems reasonable that having to do all the tanking yourself will discourage people from doing it. But with only needing half as many tank players as before, I think overall it’ll improve the wait times to play dps or support. This can cause 45% of tank players to quit and still come out ahead on number of matches able to be played.

Also, Overwatch 2 is probably removing instantly acceleration, which will make shooting people significantly easier.

New OW2 info came out yesterday:

Saw some stuff about trying to make it more of an FPS (shooter) again, reducing sight line lengths, and reducing CC (at least mei can’t freeze without ult).

i dont like that. idk what my reasons are for not liking it, but i dont like it.

it seems reasonable to me. other games have more momentum. ppl say aiming is hardest in OW due to the lack of momentum. pros sometimes repeatedly miss someone who is in the open at close range who just strafes and crouches repeatedly.