Personal Story Sharing Thread

Topic Summary: Share your life stories here! Interesting incidents, life lessons, cool people you met who taught you things, cool people you met who learnt things from you, incidents where you surprised yourself in how you acted (in a good or bad way, both are valuable), times when you felt like your intuition and your conscious ideas didn’t match up and you chose to follow one or the other and it worked out (or didn’t) and what you learnt from that, stories with moral lessons or that outline some philosophical principle or observation we often discuss here etc.

Goals: Share past stories of my own. Create a space for other people to also share stories they remember and would like to share that have some life lessons in them or that taught them things, or that were interesting to them from their past. Edit: Invest in my passion for understanding people and building personal connections with them.

CF Relevance: Learning about people, introspecting on past stories together, analyzing what emotions and thoughts went into the stories from various people involved in them, and getting a sense for what progress can look like over time and how people’s lives evolve in unexpected but sometimes preferable ways. Practical examples from the real world that illustrate philosophical concepts. I would especially like to read stories that illustrate the ideas from these blog posts: Fallible Ideas for Life

Additional note/Backstory for this thread: I ended up writing this in another post, so I made this thread to follow through on that idea: