Positively Presenting Ideas and Negatively Arguing about Ideas [CF Article]

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A summary of the article

discussion of ideas involves two parts (1) presenting an idea and (2) you argue about the idea.

when presenting an idea you explain what the idea is and explain what problem it solves.

when arguing we argue about an idea: we discuss whether it is right or wrong and whether or not it solves problems. an argument is an idea about ideas: a meta idea. a presentation isn’t a meta idea: it’s just a statement of an idea.

cf sez all valid arguments can be explained as a criticism. correct positive arguments can be rewritten as negative arguments.

when presenting an idea you say why you think it will work and what it will do. people often confuse presentation with positive arguments because they find a presentation convincing. so they act like cf is right that by default you should consider an idea true until it is refuted.

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