Practice Thinking in Terms of Error Correction [CF Article]


GOAL: Practice thinking in terms of error correction using this chair as an example:

The goal of this chair is to sit comfortably while performing work.

  • It has a back rest to provide stability and comfort while sitting. The back rest helps prevent falling backwards and it helps prevent hunching by providing a way to relax some of the back muscles. The back rest is some kind of soft mesh material which stretches and offers more comfort than a hard back or something way too elastic.
  • The seat of the chair is cushioned to prevent soreness from sitting on a hard surface. This allows for sitting longer and being more focused on working while sitting.
  • The chair has wheels to allow the chair to move which fixes the problem of needing to get up or scoot the chair to reach items that are more than a stretch away. There are five wheels instead of only three or four but Iā€™m not entirely sure why. I guess this allows the chair to roll with more stability when under a weight load, thus preventing tipping over.
  • The chair has arm rests to provide a place to set arms when not using them, allowing for more rest.
  • The chair has swivel to allow for turning without needing to roll on the chair or twist your body.
  • The chair has a mechanism for adjusting the height off the ground which corrects for the different heights of people who might sit in the chair. I think the height adjustment uses pnuematics to adjust height which allows the chair to be raised up quickly. The system also allows it to sink down under normal human weight when unlocked.
  • The chair has a mechanism for adjusting the sitting angle which allows people to shift to different positions for comfort.