Press a button on my keyboard

Project Summary: Press a button a button on my keyboard.

Goal: Press any button on my keyboard after I am done filling out this project template

Success criteria (optionally failure criteria too): If I press any button on my keyboard within 5 of creating this topic I will have succeeded. If I do not press any of the buttons on my keyboard within 5 minutes of creating this topic, I will have failed.

Big picture goal, why you want to do this, or CF relevance: Something about posting more, and using goals for things. I haven’t been using goals much. I’ve been trying to start with small goals, which seem much easier than larger goals. But even with small goals I don’t have a great track record of success.

Plan: Press a button on my keyboard after creating this topic. I’ll do it as a reply to this topic.

Context: I noticed there was a message about a the new category of mini projects being created. I wanted to see what the template was so I pressed start a new conversation, I then thought I could pretty easily do an easy goal.


Ok I succeeded.

I noticed that some of the template answers were really similar. Like: Project Summary is press a button, Goal is press a button, Success Criteria is if I press a button, and Plan is pressing a button.

I’d guess for a larger project like make a cup of tea that they would be more different.

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I think doing a project that takes more time to complete, but isn’t actually much harder, would be good. So you can’t just do it immediately succeed after posting about it. you have to like come back to it later. I’m thinking a project like: Project to respond to this project 4 hours after creating it would be good because it requires you to come back to it, you can’t just use one moments inspiration to complete it.