Project: First Chapter of Geometry Book

Project Summary

Summary: Do the first chapter of the Art of Problem Solving’s Introduction to Geometry book.


Goal: Try out the book and try out doing a project with one of these templates. Success would be if I at least attempted all the exercises in the chapter in some reasonable amount of time. Failure would be if I dropped the project for a long time.
Metrics: I kept getting stuck on this. I think i’ll just table the issue for now and think about what good metrics might be for later related projects, rather than continue to be stuck.
Broader goal: Working through whole book and trying to use CF project planning templates more.
Values: I’m interested in learning math. I like math and find it fun.
CF relevance: I think learning math could help with being a more precise thinker, which would be helpful for learning philosophy.


Plan: Steps are to read the sub chapters in order and then work through the problems.
Project size: Small. Only stuff in scope are the exercises in the chapter.
Resource budget: Some free time.
Asks: If people notice any errors in stuff I write about the project, corrections would be appreciated.
Offers: None.
Independence: I’ll finish the project regardless of whether people say stuff or not.
Confidence: I am very confident the project will be completed. It is small and should be easy and basically review for me.
Follow through: I’d be very surprised if I needed to take a major break. It might take a bit longer than I’d like if I got super busy.


Context: None.
Background: I have some background math knowledge.
Track Record: I’ve had some success doing learning projects before (like with grammar and programming).
Priorities: I was working on a math book already and got the suggestion that this book might be good to try.
Progress: Looked at book a bit.
Problems: I got stuck on filling out this template for some time and wound up delaying working on the project as a result.

An unexpected thing! The book wants me to use a math compass to solve a problem. I guess I should consider getting one of those!

i bought a set with a compass and some other stuff from amazon. it comes tomorrow

I have completed my project successfully. :partying_face::tada:

Since I picked a small and easy project, it was pretty straightforward. Nothing went super wrong, though I did have to get some additional tools, which I did not expect at the beginning. I didn’t learn a ton, but I only did a bit of material. I did learn a bit about how you approach a certain type of problem using only a compass and straight edge, which is a type of problem I don’t think I’ve encountered before (or if it I did, it was so many years ago that I have forgotten…)

I plan to make a similar project for the next chapter or two (which will be more like “real chapters” instead of brief intros) and and some point will possibly make a longer term project for the remainder of the book.