Proposal for a new category

I sometimes think of documenting the journey of reaching Elliot level from 0 level. It could be a helpful resource that newcomers could reference. Right now if I were to make one for me it would be a mess.

I guess such a document would just be a collection of all the FI learning plans one makes in sequential order. Plus some comments about the goal they expected to reach and what they actually learnt. I expect that goals and things learnt would be same most of times but not all.

I propose a new category called something like ‘self document’ where people can keep their learning plans. (I proposed something similar in basecamp too but I don’t remember it properly)

People mostly won’t even read my history – I’ve made tons of that available in archives – so idk if ppl would care much. People are very biased towards reading new posts though, so I’d expect some currently active people to read/discuss as you post it. Getting anyone to read it when it’s old is harder.

PS Categories are sub-forums and are made very sparingly. You might mean tags?

EDIT: I made a my-journey tag.


yeah me too. I think its because people think old stuff might be outdated. Something similar happens with books too because they are more of a finished product so it has more backing. Book recommendations are taken more serious than discussion log recommendations.

I understand.

No. Category only. You’ve suggested people to make their own blogs. I was thinking of a blog type thing here only. A category for individual blogs. But that will require a lot more feature building, a lot of coding. Tag will work as well. This feature can be something for future versions maybe.

for example basecamp is asking what did you get done this week. where does that feature fit in? it doesn’t fit in any current categories. it’s a different class of thing than discussions. I am proposing a feature where those class of things can exist. those things are also important for learning.

the categories cover everything. you can post learning-related stuff in Unbounded or Friendly. if you wanted to post something that wasn’t related to learning, there’s Other.