Rules Updates

The FAQ now has a rule against misquoting:

Never misquote anyone. You shouldn’t manually type in quotes (unless it’s from paper). Do not present a summary or paraphrase as a quote. There is zero lenience on this. A misquote is never close enough. This rule is enforced in an extremely picky, exacting, pedantic way. Expect moderator action if you violate this rule. You have been warned.

The Unbounded rules are updated About the Unbounded category :

The general policy in Unbounded is to deal with bad posts using criticism instead of rules.

All topics are allowed in Unbounded if you actually want unbounded criticism. But think about whether something is a good idea before posting. For example, if you post politics and news, expect replies questioning why you’re prioritizing them or why you think starting a political debate is a good idea. If you post links without saying your own opinion or goal, expect meta criticism about why that’s bad. If you post something that isn’t of general or philosophical interest, expect people to question or criticize why you’re posting it here. If you post information without a source, expect criticism.

Added to FAQ:

When sharing a link or info, also share your opinion or goal.

Do you think it’s good or bad? Why? Those are examples of opinions you could share.

Do you have a question? Are you trying to learn or accomplish something? Those are examples of goals.

Just summarizing what a link says is not sharing an opinion or goal. Saying something is “interesting” doesn’t count as an opinion. What part is interesting, and why?

This policy doesn’t apply to Elliot Temple. He may post links without saying his opinion so that other people can form their own opinion with less bias.

Added to Friendly rules:

News can only be shared in Friendly if you focus more on philosophy than on the news. E.g. focus on critical thinking, analysis, or trying to deal with it rationally. Your post should be more timeless than time-sensitive. And avoid political controversies in Friendly.

I added a rule in the terms of service that you can’t have multiple forum accounts without telling me which ones are yours. (That doesn’t apply to using the anonymous mode feature.)