SENS, Aubrey de Grey, and Harassment

I didn’t think about that but it makes sense. Basically he justifies manipulating donors to win the war on aging, but if they are allies then no manipulation is required, only persuasion with reason (which would not require sex). This also makes me think that he’s anti-reason in some ways, because he believes manipulation has to be used to achieve the goal of beating aging. Does this mean he thinks the pro-aging trance is something that can’t/shouldn’t be changed by reason and should instead be “attacked” by using whatever “weapons” we have, including sex? Is it really a war with all the people who are stuck with the old cultural ideas? I think it’s more like they don’t know what we know yet and can learn it if we explain it to them… What’s weird is that a lot of what Aubrey spends his time doing is flying around giving interviews and answering all the common pro-aging criticisms… So it’s like he IS trying to use reason, but maybe he thinks it wont get there fast enough and so some more sinister means are necessary?

Flying around to socialize with people in person, and attend dinners with alcohol, instead of using YouTube for speeches and a better website and forum for FAQs, is not about appealing to people’s reason.

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Good point, he should actually just be addressing a big list of criticisms in both video and writing and then linking that to people whenever they have the same criticisms/questions/objections. Then he should spend the rest of his time working on the research or meeting with bigger donors in person if that gets them to donate millions to SENS etc.

Edit: Maybe a better way for me to put it would have been: He’s trying to convince people with words (and probably some non-words manipulation, especially in person, like maybe using prestige or fear of death or other things rather than words) for the most part, and does not seem to be doing things like manipulating people or treating them as enemies. But now based on what he’s said, maybe he does just view them that way and is using more manipulative methods that we can’t readily see publicly.

Seems more like he’s inconsistent and likes the idea of encouraging women sleeping around in his social circle. I don’t think you should expect logical consistency and try to infer his whole approach to outreach. It’s probably more of an excuse than the real reason.

The real reason is probably sexual, sexist and/or about personal social climbing, rather than logical. Maybe he wants to have MMF threesomes or orgies. Maybe he thinks he has a better chance with women who turn into sluts. Maybe he thinks they’ll realize that doing anything they can to make his life better is even more important than pandering to a donor, since he’s the general leading the whole war, so they’ll sleep with him. Maybe he thinks rich men will give him access to better parties, and women, if he helps them get access to women he knows. Maybe men already helped him get women or other things, and he’s in their debt and trying to return the favor. Maybe he feels strong when he controls and doles out resources, and especially strong when the resources are women not inanimate objects. Maybe he’s a sexist pig who thinks it’s men against women and he’s advocating for Team Men for the benefit of all bros. Maybe he has voyeuristic fantasies. Who knows. It could be a lot of things, though most of them are in the generic thematic ballpark of “sexist pig”.

It’s a rationalistic error to assume this is all about arguments, and that any errors must be logical errors. It’s kinda assuming AdG himself is making a rationalistic error, due to your own rationalism. We already know he’s a drunk polyamorous jerk who expects the public to be cool with his harem even though his wife was not. He uses status and power to push people around and try to get stuff he wants. He’s telling women who to sleep with because, for whatever reason, he wants to. The reason is not The Cause. If you think he’s an ascetic who is motivated by nothing but The Cause, you have not been paying attention to the actual facts of his life (which would be understandable in general, but a bunch of them have been posted in this thread).