Small Help Requests

I’ll post a few things I’d like help with.

I’d like a Discourse plugin that adds a feature for viewing all posts in a topic on one page, all loaded at once, with no scrolling/autoloading or pagination.

A download/export feature would be good too (or instead).

The goal is to make it easier to do text searches and skim through threads. It’s OK if it’s slow.

It’s OK to leave out ~all forum features such as replying, quoting, editing posts, bookmarking – it just needs decent readability and for copy/pasting quotes to work fine. Permalinks for each post should still be accessible. The feature can be used in a second tab, not replace your main forum tab. It doesn’t need to be convenient on mobile. It could just be a plain html page with the forum’s top right menu omitted (the chat, search, hamburger menu and user profile menu buttons) – the focus is just on making the data available all at once.

The plugin should be designed to be unlikely to break as Discourse gets updates.

I want to make math function graphs that contain discontinuities because they obey different functions for different ranges of inputs.

I want to be able to graph e.g.:

if(x>5, 1, 0)

Which should be two straight, horizontal lines with a breakpoint at 5.

So far I’ve been unable to get Wolfram Alpha to do this, and their documentation is bad. They document an If function but then it doesn’t work at all. I think it’s only usable in some other context but this isn’t explained well.

And this works:

plot 3 from x=0 to 10; plot 8 from x=0 to 10

But this mysteriously doesn’t:

plot 3 from x=0 to 10; plot 8 from x=0 to 5

Is there a better tool for this goal? I think I’m trying to do something simple that should be easy, but so far it’s not.

I think once I get one working example I’ll be able to modify it as needed. I’ll want to be able to have at least 3 different input ranges and functions, maybe more.

Someone suggested trying Desmos. I got it working: