Some links between CF and TOC

Topic Summary:

This post is about some links between TOC and CF.


To check whether I understand TOC and CF.

CF relevance:

TOC is relevant to CF and this post is about explaining some of the reasons for that.

Do you want unbounded criticism? (A criticism is a reason that an idea decisively fails at a goal. Criticism can be about anything relevant to goal success, including methods, meta, context or tangents. If you think a line of discussion isn’t worth focusing attention on, that is a disagreement with the person who posted it, which can be discussed.)

Yes. I want unbounded criticism.

I have previously commented on some similarities between TOC and Objectivism:

Optimising for the bottlenecks by sometimes leaving non-bottlenecks idle sometimes is similar to not overreaching by avoiding filling up your schedule with junk that distracts you from doing important stuff well.

Gathering facts or measurements isn’t useful in and of itself unless you know why they’re relevant.

optimising for bottlenecks is a special case of only working on stuff that’s near to a breakpoint