Some problems with sciencey stuff

When the government gives money to scientists, id guess they have some sort of conditions for which scientists get the money.

I think this makes a demand for scientists who are good at playing the government money game, and who meet the conditions, rather than scientists who are good at doing science, and then making money from the good science. This seems like a problem for good science!

I plan on making more comments in this thread about some other science stuff

When the govt pours money into science, they control what conclusions funded scientists can reach.

And they encourage a bunch of people without the scientific mindset to become “scientists”.

If it was only for-profit companies hiring scientists, they’d have incentives only to hire people who can actually produce useful stuff.

The government funds science that doesn’t lead to profit, which means it doesn’t have to work. If you’re trying to make money by using a scientific discovery, it has to actually work or you won’t make money (unless you scam people). But when you stop trying to make a profit, you lose that important way of testing whether your stuff actually works.

I have worked in academic science in the UK. One of my supervisors would advise PhD. students to overspend on some of the available pools of money because he knew nothing would be done about it.