TCS claimed that approximately all coercion is intentionally caused by another person

Sarah Lawrence (who later changed her last name to Fitz-Claridge) wrote to TCS list on 1996-03-18:

Acting on one theory while a conflicting theory remains active in one’s mind [which TCS calls “coercion”] is not a state that happens by chance. It is almost invariably a result of intentional coercion on the part of another person, whether at the time, or earlier in the person’s life. That is why we call this state “acting under coercion” and not something less judgemental-sounding.

Thoughts on the claim that other people hurting you on purpose (not by accident) is pretty much the only cause of coercion? Or in other words, is it true that failing to successfully deal with your inner conflicts is ~impossible without other people’s malicious actions? It’s not your fault and can’t be your fault when you’re coerced; it’s always someone else’s fault, and they did it intentionally because they’re evil!?

People are fallible and mistakes are common. Lots of people make mistakes when dealing with other people and with their own ideas and some of those mistakes lead to coercion.

You can feel coerced as a result of failing to solve a problem that wasn’t created intentionally by another person. For example, many people like having sex but having sex can lead to problems like STDs. So then a person may feel bad because he wants to have lots of sex but doesn’t want STDs.

Another person can also do something that results in you feeling coerced without intending that result. Unrequited love is a common example of this problem.