Teaching Grammar and Minorities

School curriculums have changed over time in various ways, which is an interesting subject. What changed and why? Some people think math has been dumbed down, but from what I’ve seen they’re wrong.

One difference is schools used to teach more explicit grammar than they do now. I suspect that’s a bad change but I haven’t investigated the issue much. A few years ago, I found it worthwhile to study grammar myself and try to help people learn it: Fallible Ideas – Grammar

Some people complain about “white supremacy” in schools. Some of their complaints are correct but not white supremacy issues, some may actually be race related, and some are incorrect. Schools have many flaws, so finding some flaws isn’t very hard.

With that said for context, I suspect that not teaching explicit grammar is hurting immigrants and minorities. I highly doubt the change was motivated by racial bias, but I’d guess the outcomes correlate with race enough to matter. (I haven’t looked at any data.)

Who gets to be a professional writer or public intellectual? I think (without checking data) that there’s a significant skew towards ppl from good families who get raised in a more (white) “cultured” way so they can pick up how to write and speak that way. Some people grow up surrounded by better use of grammar (and other factors like more interest in books). When the schools fail to teach something, it advantages the people whose social position gives them more access to learning it outside of school. (Similarly if schools don’t teach something or teach it poorly, that advantages people who can afford tutors and other extra help.)

Schools are supposed to be an equalizing factor that helps everyone have opportunities based on their personal merit. If everyone gets a good education, then they can compete on a more level playing field. When schools fail to teach something like grammar, it undoes that equalizing effect.

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A university lecturer is saying she won’t teach Spanish because she’s white and her being right about Spanish is white supremacy or something:

So even if you go spend a load of money to go to university you might not get much help with grammar in Spanish.