To Make Unbounded Progress, Do Similar Activities to Past Successes

I see people overreach and do overly difficult activities even after reading my essays about overreaching and claiming that they agree with me. Then they may fail a bunch, get stuck, and give up without ever trying easy enough activities. Why do they do this? Perhaps they don't understand my essays and don't know how to have productive conversations about those topics. Also, many people think they won't get stuck as others did, so they think it's OK for them to do hard, ambitious, complicated stuff without working up to it. Then when they do get stuck, they don't change their attitude effectively, so they stay stuck.

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This is somewhat of an incremental progress concept for learning. It has a zone of what’s too hard for the learner to do (similar to overreaching), and an idea of doing things that aren’t too hard and making progress and expanding one’s capabilities. However this model seems focused on making progress with assistance (e.g. from teachers), and doesn’t help explain self-driven learning or innovative learning (learning things no one else already knows), which are certainly possible.

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