Toki Tori

I’m replaying Toki Tori. It’s a great puzzle game that’s actually hard, but the controls are easy. Previously, on my iPad, I beat all levels with no walkthroughs, hints or talking to anyone else about strategies. It took a while.

The game is now on Steam too and they’ve made a new world with some additional levels.

This playthrough, my solution for slimy sewer hard 7 was clearly not the intended solution. I worked with a friend who figured out another way to beat it, but we weren’t convinced that was intended either. They looked at YouTube solutions to shield me from spoilers. I figured out two more ways to win with minor hints but it’s still hard to tell what the developers intended. Two of the solutions are common on YouTube, one is only there once, and my first solution is not there at all. My way relied on very tight timing along with a weird/glitchy/unintended use of the physics engine. All four solutions have something atypical compared to most levels that seems maybe unintended.

I never got into Toki Tori 2 much but will give it a second try after finishing Toki Tori again.