YouTube Search Censorship

I was trying to find what Tim Pool said about COVID on YouTube. So I searched:

There are two relevant results at the top. Then the latest stuff from his channel then stuff that’s related to Pool but not covid.

So I tried another search for masks instead of covid:

Again, two relevant results followed by stuff that has nothing to do with masks.

YouTube is doing this on purpose. They clearly came up with some pattern where they try to hide search result censorship by giving you two reasonable results at the top to make it look like your search worked. But then all the other results are intentionally wrong.

I’m guessing this is primarily a COVID thing, but I know YouTube and Google have treated Pool badly too. More searches could probably figure it out.

Recent Rossmann vid mentions YT censorship of his pro-masks-indoors video (linked at 2:20, YT search mentioned at 2:35-2:50): Let's talk about the importance of following your own rules - YouTube

YT transcript:

The censored vid: Wearing a mask during coronavirus, my opinion as a business owner - YouTube

Note: it does come up for me if I search for it, but not 1st