Career Planning, Life Advice and Big Goals

Topic Summary: I will post the problems I’ve been having when trying to make sense of career/life planning in the context of CF ideas

Goal: I want to clear my confusions about CF ideas which say something about career and life planning and about having big goals. Elliot has also given some general life advice which are derivation from CF ideas or are compatible with CF ideas. I want to understand that general life advice better.

CF relevance: The ideas I want to discuss are CF ideas and life advice derived from or compatible with CF ideas.

Do you want unbounded criticism? (A criticism is a reason that an idea decisively fails at a goal. Criticism can be about anything relevant to goal success, including methods, meta, context or tangents. If you think a line of discussion isn’t worth focusing attention on, that is a disagreement with the person who posted it, which can be discussed.) Yes

I have tried to apply CF ideas to my life. Some CF ideas have led to improvement in my life. Sometimes I failed to apply CF ideas to life. My guess is I failed because I didn’t understand the ideas properly. There are other areas where the relevant CF ideas have led to some problems so I stopped applying CF to that area of life. My guess for why things became problematic is I didn’t set up the prerequisites required for applying those CF ideas.

By applying CF ideas to life I mean something like doing things which are compatible with CF ideas instead of doing things the way I used to. Applying CF ideas to life also means changing my perspective to see things in a way which is compatible with CF instead of continuing with my old perspective.

I am making this topic to get help on my problems, on places where I got stuck and get a better understanding so I can apply CF ideas successfully. I got the inspiration from career/life planning topics that other people made (example 1 2 3). I got a lot of help from those topics so I thought starting my own topic would be even more helpful. A topic will also help organize ideas.

First problem

If you prioritize philosophy first you and you start filtering people on the basis of this you run out of people in your life vey fast. It’s hard to define what role the people who are in your closest circle play in your life. If I aim to get philosophically aligned with them first instead of whatever way I am aligned with them right now I don’t know what I’ll be losing out on.

The other related problem is that now I don’t remember how to have a non philosophy-first relationship with someone. Losing out on a chess buddy because you cannot get philosophically aligned with them is not that big a problem. It starts becoming a big problem if you start losing your close friends as well. I’ve heard people talk about getting a sense of belonging, connection and comfort from their close circle. I realize that not a having sense of belonging, connection and comfort adds on to and amplify my counterproductive emotions.

How to add philosophy first idea to ones life without it causing problems like loss of conventional meaningful relationships?