Food Appreciation & Discussion Thread

Frozen desserts are great.

Just discovered Mochi Ice Cream today. THANKS COSTCO!

Also on my near-term agenda:


Recently, I was eating a lot of frozen blended fruit with a bit of milk and just having it plain or adding some toppings (like a smoothie bowl). I have a Blendtec Twister jar which does a great job of blending fruit without needing to add a lot of liquid (it basically turns frozen fruit into fruity like soft serve, pretty amazing). I have been using this fruit:

hmm this looks promising as well

I think I’ve mentioned this before but I’m quite happy with how gracefully Discourse handles images as far as letting you paste straight in from the clipboard

I renamed this topic to make it more generic

EDIT: apparently the food-appreciation-discussion-thread part of the URL in is inessential. You can remove it or make it or whatever and still get the correct topic. So I guess that’s why you can rename stuff and it’s fine

Re: mochi :ice_cream: , the mango :mango: and strawberry were great, but the green tea :tea: tastes a bit weird to me

I don’t know about the specific mochi you have, but I’ve often had matcha in green tea mochi. I think the matcha has a stronger taste than green tea - it’s more like matcha mochi with green tea.

i checked the ingredients and “Matcha Green Tea” indeed appears

I was thinking of matcha as something additional to green tea, but according to this article it’s just a different type of growing and processing of green tea: Matcha: Health Benefits, Nutrients per Serving, Preparation Information, and More

Anyway, it does have a different flavor from just regular green tea.

the green tea flavor is growing on me a bit, might be an acquired taste

I’ve made meatball sandwich flatbreads with naan, ready-to-microwave meatballs, mozzarella, and tomato sauce a few times recently. Pretty good and fast. Reminiscent of subway’s meatball sandwich. Best served with a side of potato chips!

deep fried hash browns are pretty great

Costco Beef Ravioli Lasagna with Pork & Bolognese Sauce (bake-at-home meal, not frozen) is pretty good

Five Guys is my favorite chain cheeseburger

frozen mandarin oranges = yum :tangerine:

This tea has a nice flavor and is caffeine free

Rotisserie chickens are nice (and cheap). I like reheating the chicken with a bit of olive oil in a pan on the stove

i like Tillamook ice cream. I just tried this flavor and enjoyed it:

I’ve been eating a lot more frozen food and it’s super convenient, cheap, and high quality in terms of taste. Easy to prepare too and doesn’t spoil for years. I’m considering getting a standalone freezer to hold more stuff because the current freezer top I have gets full with just 7-8 boxes of frozen stuff. Frozen stuff works really well with grocery delivery because it doesn’t get squished or damaged easily compared to more delicate normal foods.

u can grill an uncrustable and make it tasty


works well with the chocolate spread ones

uncrustables are just sandwiches, and many sandwiches are improved by fat + heat (could try deep frying them too i guess)

warmed-up mini naan with goat cheese and sun dried tomato = nb