Forum Categories

Categories are still under consideration and reasonably open to change. This is a trial while learning how to use Discourse.

One thing I’m considering is allowed politics or anything else in Unbounded – but if you post it there you can expect meta criticism about why you’re prioritizing it. Similarly I could allow talking about cooking in Unbounded if ur open to meta criticism about your goals, priorities, etc. But i don’t want to clutter up Unbounded with bad, unpleasant or non-philosophical topics. But people probably wouldn’t post it there anyway if and because they don’t want that criticism. idk.

BTW, I would have put the Elliot Temple category within Unbounded but I think Zapier can’t auto-post to sub-categories.

You can suggest categories and changes, but FYI I’m pretty confident I want to keep the number of categories small. We can have lots of tags though.

I added this to the About Friendly post:

When sharing a link, also share your opinion or goal. Do you think it’s good or bad (those are example opinions)? Do you have a question (that’s a type of goal)? Just stating what the link says wouldn’t say your opinion or goal. If you want to share a link without sharing your thoughts, that is allowed but discouraged in Other.

Not sure about allowing bare links in Other but will try it for now.

You can post bare links in Unbounded if you want to get criticized for doing it. Doesn’t really need to be a rule there.

BTW I think it’s OK if I post bare links, but other people shouldn’t. That’s because one of the reasons people come here is they are interested in whatever I think is worth sharing. And sometimes I want to share something and let people form their own opinions without being biased by trying to copy my opinion.