Government doing bad things

I’ll post links to what I regard as examples of government doing unwise/immoral/bad things here. I may comment or not. Others are welcome to post their own examples as well.

This is bad.

Landlords should be able to seek information about a prospective tenant’s prior criminal history without being burdened by government regulations. It’s a reasonable thing to want to know about. Preventing landlords from asking about such issues when they judge such issues to be relevant is ultimately a violation of the landlords’ property rights. It forces the landlords to use their property in such a way (such as renting to tenants who they might not otherwise rent to) due to a government-created restraint on reasonable requests for information.

The law will also serve to drive more housing off the rental market as people decide they don’t want the risk of dealing with a potential criminal renter. This is particularly true of people in the situation of wanting to rent out part of their home as an apartment, since the presence of a criminal in their home represents a potential immediate physical threat and not merely a potential financial loss. So while the intent may be “to make housing more equitable for people of color” as the article claims, the actual result will be to make housing scarcer than before.

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There are historical examples of politicians doing bad stuff, like Lyndon Johnson stealing elections:

Investigative Classics: The Legacy of 'Landslide Lyndon,' 1948 | RealClearInvestigations!

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California law had a change not that long ago to treat shoplifting below $950 as a misdemeanor. The current SF District Attorney (who is the son of Weather Underground criminals) is very criminal-friendly. The result:

Last summer, federal officials in Delaware investigating Hunter Biden faced a dilemma. The probe had reached a point where prosecutors could have sought search warrants and issued a flurry of grand jury subpoenas. Some officials involved in the case wanted to do just that. Others urged caution. They advised Delaware’s U.S. Attorney, David Weiss, to avoid taking any actions that could alert the public to the existence of the case in the middle of a presidential election.

“To his credit, he listened,” said a person involved in the discussions, reported here for the first time. Weiss decided to wait, averting the possibility that the investigation would become a months-long campaign issue.

Source: Hunter Biden’s prosecutor rejected moves that would have revealed probe earlier - POLITICO

Unequal justice and special treatment of politically connected people is bad

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And as a cherry on top:

As an agency of the legislative branch, U.S. Capitol Police is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

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God, they admit so much and people still think (or at least they say it) that you’re “paranoid” or various other bad things if you think the government is corrupt, has many members who’d rather meddle in elections than do their jobs … in other words that there’s a government swamp needing draining.


The US government forces companies making showers to modify showerheads to limit the amount of water that can pass through a showerhead per second:

Trump had repealed this rule. Biden chose to enforce it again. The rule itself is kinda dumb. Limiting the amount of water per second doesn’t make a shower more efficient. For example, a person might need to use the shower for longer because it’s worse for rinsing, which is why Trump said he repealed the rule. People might end up using more water with less flow. And what is the standard for efficiency here and why choose that particular standard? The standard can’t be efficiency in satisfying consumers since the market would do that without rules like this. Also the rule keeps changing and that makes it more difficult for companies to make plans.

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Hmm read some Reddit comments and now I’m unclear if the guy in the vid re: gaming PCs is accurate. May investigate further

ok well Dell has clarified that shipping restrictions are due to govt power consumption regulations so that seems pretty definitive. sounds awful :frowning:

“Yes, this was driven by the California Energy Commission (CEC) Tier 2 implementation that defined a mandatory energy efficiency standard for PCs – including desktops, AIOs and mobile gaming systems. This was put into effect on July 1, 2021. Select configurations of the Alienware Aurora R10 and R12 were the only impacted systems across Dell and Alienware,” Dell said.

In 2016, California became the first US state to approve energy efficiency standards for PCs and monitors. At the time, it was anticipated that the new standards would save 2.3 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity a year and significantly reduce carbon pollution arising from fossil fuel-fired power plants.