Help me find the best CF articles

I’m making a Curated tag for CF. I’m taking recommendations for what posts to include. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Or view the tag on the CF site.

I don’t plan to include Classics articles, which are pretty easy to find anyway and pretty link-heavy. I’d like to add some Research articles.

The tag name might change to Favorites, Best or something else. Feedback on the name is also welcome.

EDIT: Renamed to Favorites for now. Favorites - Critical Fallibilism

Do you have any specific criteria in mind for what makes something “best”? Who is the “best” list aimed at?

E.g. is it aiming to introduce beginners who don’t know a lot of philosophy (so “best” is something like “first building blocks of CF”), or people who knows a lot of conventional philosophy (so “best” is something like “countering common bad philosophy”), or some other group?

I skimmed a few articles. These ones might be worthwhile additions as they seem like they don’t require understanding a ton of other stuff already and seem to me like pretty important ideas/skills to work on to be good at thinking.

I’ve also noted them as articles to come back to later and respond them to them directly myself.

I might skim some more articles later and suggest some more.


This question is for people who have read lots of CF articles. Which do you like best?

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The Attention to Detail article is one of my favorites. I remember liking it when I first read it. I just reread it and I think it connects certain CF ideas together really well for me.

If I had to guess what a CF article about attention to detail would say before reading it, I think I would have guess that the article would be about criticism filters and having a library of criticism that hones down focus to specific details. I also would have guessed that it would talk about the lack of attention to detail in certain important topics and some ideas about what to do about that.

I like the psychological insights about memory and attention. I like the stuff about memory triggers and incorporating review into regular philosophy activities. It was also super helpful to see that there’s a connection between poor attention to certain details and not being persuaded of their importance.