FYI – different than many other sites – you can’t see who liked a post. The author knows who liked their post but other people don’t. (As far as I can tell, at least. EDIT: This was incorrect. See the first reply below.)

Minor exception: You can see info on someone’s user page, e.g.:

For accounts with a low number of posts, e.g. a new anonymous account with one post, you could sometimes tell who liked something.

I can see who’s liked a post that isn’t mine and isn’t in my thread, e.g., Justin Does SICP - #4 by JustinCEO

To see the likes I have to click on the number next to the like button. The screenshot was taken just now.

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ah, ic, works 4 me

The default time to undo post actions (such as liking or flagging) is 10 minutes. I’m not sure why it’s so short. I’ve set it to 3 days for now.