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Take an online typing test. Let me know your words per minute and accuracy.

Do you write on your phone much? If so, do a phone typing test too.

Do you have RSS set up? If not Eternity Async Tutoring - #8 by Elliot

You may want a CF forum phone app. I use DiscourseHub.


1 minute typing test: 60wpm/98% accuracy

Yes I type on my phone occasionally, I often type on my ipad using the apple pencil with slide to type.

Phone: 48wpm/accuracy unknown.

I couldn’t find a phone test that was any good. The sites were crappy and slow to respond. Also, I have no practise typing on a phone or my while not looking at the keyboard, so when I did a few test I didn’t think it reflected how I actually type on my phone. What I did was memorise the two sentences the linked phone typing test gives so I could actually just focus on typing.

If there was a typing test that just let you freely type whatever and then it calculated what the speed was I think that’d work better for phone/ipad. I had a brief look but didn’t find anything.

Yup I got the DiscourseHub app after you mentioned it in Eternity’s tutoring thread.

I have Vienna too, here is my window:

FYI you can add .rss to lots of Discourse urls: LMD Async Tutoring

Have you done typing practice recently?

We might do something else after the intro call, but for getting started right now let’s do some grammar trees. I know you’ve done some before so pick some text you’re pretty confident about and make a few. Time each tree.

15 min max per tree

Cool, thanks for that.

Yes I I’ve started practising typing again recently.

Ok cool test again weekly

5 trees from a paragraph in Reisman’s Capitalism. I haven’t put in lots of details. Just where I wanted to make it clearer for myself. Would you prefer I clarify what each node is?






Ok cool test again weekly

Okay, i’ve put them in my calendar.

I think I have ‘progressively’ modifying the wrong infinitive here and it should be modifying ‘to enhance’.

Actually, I am not sure of either.

Good trees and good completion times. For the first tree (3:35) can you figure out how to do it without using an implied word? In general I minimize adding implied words.

Yeah it’s hard to tell. And it doesn’t matter much so don’t get hung up on it.

As far as pure grammar, it’s ambiguous (which is common in English). “Progressively” could modify forward or backwards. I think it’s more likely to modify backwards in this sort of construction. But when you look at the meaning, I think progressive enhancement makes more sense than progressive use of wealth, so I’d decide that way.

Sure, like this?

Okay cool, I understand.

Can you think of any other ways to do it?

Perhaps this?

Actually, I don’t like that one. I think I’m not sure on the parent/child relationship between the infinitive marker and it’s infinitive.

Tree this and maybe some other similar sentences.

The cat ate and drank a lot.

Make multiple trees of it if you see different ways to do it.

I saw two different ways that the function of ‘a lot’ subtly changed the meaning but not the tree so i’ve added the function details.

I think the difference here is something like: [1] The cat eats and drinks often vs [2] the cat ate and drank a lot of food and drink on this occasion.

Here are two more trees of similar sentences. Similar in some way I guess.

For each tree can you circle the “and” with what it groups together. Or write it out.

Yup, the “and” groups the verbs, and then the subject/object/adverbs modify the group.

Yeah. Can you draw circles for all the to see and hear versions.