Asynchronous Tutoring Offer

I’m now selling an asynchronous tutoring package. The goal is to provide ongoing, personalized guidance, to help people learn philosophy, at a more affordable price than tutoring calls. I can help with critical thinking, understanding my Critical Fallibilism essays, and other philosophical topics.

For comparison, here’s what I was already selling:

  1. Digital products, like videos and PDFs.
  2. Tutoring, consulting or coaching, which involves one-on-one time.
  3. Custom services. If you want something, you can ask or make an offer.

Digital products aren’t personalized. Tutoring or custom services are personalized but require a lot of my time, which makes them cost more.

Asynchronous tutoring involves communicating in writing, not on calls. You do philosophy work when I’m not there, so it takes less of my time. This also avoids the downsides of scheduling sessions at specific times.

The main offers are:

  1. I’ll give you philosophy learning assignments which are customized for your current knowledge and goals.
  2. I’ll answer questions related to philosophy work you’re doing.
  3. I’ll check for errors in some work you do.
  4. I’ll provide some comments and explanations.
  5. I’ll reply to you faster than I would otherwise.

The focus is on assignments and the other offers support that. Assignments can include questions for you to answer, reading, writing, thinking, study, research, and practice sessions. I’ll design assignments so that you’re able to do them (not stuck from not knowing what to do). Note: The point of my answering questions is to offer personalized help so you don’t get stuck, not to write new essays answering abstract philosophy questions.

For this to work well, students must have the time, energy and motivation to do assignments. This tutoring won’t attempt to solve procrastination, laziness, disinterest or other problems outside of learning philosophy. Helping with motivation would be a different service (e.g. life coaching calls). I can make brief, limited suggestions about most problems but I’ll focus primarily on philosophy, not give detailed guidance for other issues. Students should want to learn about philosophy and be willing and able to do practice sessions and other assignments on a regular basis. Doing your assignments is self-paced. I recommend having at least 5 hours per week available.

Pricing is $300 per month using my public Critical Fallibilism forum, or $500 per month using private messages. The first month, or restarting after a break, costs an additional $450 and includes an introductory call. Prices are in U.S. dollars. Forum membership is included. The introductory call is private and will figure out what you already know and discuss your goals and schedule. Additional calls are available to tutoring students, by request, at a discounted rate.

I prefer to work with people who keep pursuing philosophy over time. I’d rather not do a couple months of tutoring with someone who has a burst of energy then quits. My goal is to help people make substantial progress; I want more good thinkers to exist.

Although I hope not to, I reserve the right to refuse or end service with anyone.

If you want asynchronous tutoring or have questions, send me an email or a forum message. Impersonal questions can be asked as replies to this topic.

See also Student Information.


Real names aren’t required at the CF forum. If you do public async tutoring, you can use a pseudonym.

Also, having multiple accounts on this forum is allowed as long as I know about it. So you could have a second account, with some other name, for public async tutoring.

The anonymous mode feature where you can temporarily change your name to something like Anonymous58 will not be allowed for tutoring. I disabled anonymous mode users from posting in the tutoring category at all.