Non-Tribalist Politics Megathread

Child marriage in USA!?

Is that cruel and unusual punishment? If so it’s unconstitutional.

Fraudulent advertising?

I looked up one of the sources mentioned:

“Ideological control and propaganda is the core of the toolkit for the communist party to achieve and maintain its success,” the [2018 Amazon] document notes. “We are not making judgement on whether it is right or wrong.”

A web search for amazon china propaganda didn’t turn up any coverage.

Our corrupt, traitorous elites are concerning.

Some details about Amazon’s control over the U.S. government and its data collection:

One 2018 document reviewing executives’ goals for the prior year listed privacy regulation as a primary target for Carney. One objective: “Change or block US and EU regulation/legislation that would impede growth for Alexa-powered devices,”

“We [Amazon] want policymakers and press to fear us,”

Amazon had more than 90,000 recordings Alexa devices made of the reporter’s family members

Amazon also lies heavily and initiates force in India:

Left wing version of something I’ve heard repeatedly on the right.

Example of a company using the government against another company. Previously Amazon did something similar to Apple regarding the ebooks market.