[Product] [Screencast] Elliot Reads Critical Fallibilism Forum, 2023-03-08

I recorded myself catching up on CF forum posts and put it up for sale:

Here is a picture of the posts covered:

Here is the production description:

This is a 90 minute screencast of Elliot Temple reading and commenting on Critical Fallibilism Forum posts. I’ve also included a 62 minute version of the video with all silences over 2 seconds automatically removed.

I talked a lot, including about some philosophy-related tangents. I barely wrote anything. I didn’t pre-read the posts: I either hadn’t seen them or had briefly skimmed. You can see my unedited process in the full video and try reading posts when I stop to read, or you can just hear me talk in the version with around 30% of the video removed when I was silently reading.

I recorded this on 2023-03-08 and read recent posts. I may make this available for free in the future, e.g. uploading it to YouTube in a year. I wanted to warn customers upfront and set accurate expecations.

In the video, I go through all the posts in the screenshot (the product image) of my unread and flagged posts except for five containing diagrams. I do make comments about diagrams, practice, etc. in general so all the posts are discussed some.

This has my usual 30-day satisfaction guarantee for digital products. If you’re unsatisfied, you can have a refund.

It has pay-what-you-want pricing. The minimum price is $10, but if it’s worth more than that to you, you can pay more. (If you decide it was worth more than you paid after watching, feel free to contact me to send extra money via e.g. PayPal, or you can pay some extra money on your next purchase.) You can also pay extra if you appreciate the free essays and videos I make.

Find more of Elliot’s work at https://criticalfallibilism.com and https://www.elliottemple.com

Do you have a policy on quoting parts or taking clips out of the video to post publicly for discussion such as on CF?

It’s the same as any other copyrighted material, e.g. how you’d quote from a book or documentary.

My attitude to fair use is much more relaxed/generous than attitudes we see from some big companies. I know using tiny bits of music, TV or movies can be a problem on YouTube, which is dumb.

Transcription has some advantages, e.g. it helps enable detailed analysis, but short clips are fine too.

Some notes from listening to this:

  • I should learn to avoid comma splices; I think I use these fairly often.
  • Improve quoting - because Discourse’s quoting allows you to expand the quote and see the full context I was being minimal with quoting, but it wouldn’t hurt to add an extra line to a quote if it was relevant context so a post could be more self contained. Particularly with quotes from longer posts, the highlighting is ok when you expand a quote but it doesn’t take you directly to the highlighted section so it’s not great to expect people to rely on that as they might still need to look around for the context.

I don’t like that you edited Justin’s post (17:50). Now I’m worried that you might start editing my posts because you don’t like how I say something. You could have replied with your way of rewriting it, or asked Justin about the edit first. It looks like you put words in his mouth and you didn’t note that you’re the one that edited it. Yes the edit history is there, but I don’t think people will normally check that to look for an administrator editing posts, I don’t want to have to start checking edit histories just in case you changed something. Is there some context to this action that I don’t know?

Those two notes are very unrepresentative of what my video is about. Which is fine. I’m just mentioning it for people who haven’t seen the video.

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Yes I don’t mean to understate the contents of the podcast. I’m happy with my purchase. I have some more notes on other parts I found valuable, but I wanted to take more time on them and finish some other activities first. I expect other people would find different things they’d benefit from the podcast.

I want to clarify for anyone reading this thread that my concerns have been answered in Moderators Editing Post Introductions, Titles, Tags, Categories, etc and I have no problem with the edit policies.