Tutoring Calls Offering

I’m available for paid tutoring calls. If you’re interested, PM or email me. Good information to tell me includes:

  • What you want to learn and why
  • What you already know
  • History with my work
  • Problems blocking you
  • Budget
  • What you have in mind for call frequency and length
  • How long you plan to continue doing calls regularly
  • Available time, energy and motivation to do assignments and practice between calls
  • Questions you have about tutoring
  • If you’re open to public calls (to get a discount)

You can watch some example tutoring videos for free.

I’m also available for other services like coaching, consulting, editing or finding errors in ideas. You can also make custom requests. PM or email me.

For a less expensive option, consider my asynchronous tutoring offer.

If you have impersonal questions that would be relevant to other people, please ask them in this topic instead of PMing them.