Typos Megathread

Don’t reply to Elliot’s articles with typos anymore. Report typos and minor errors here.

Minor means that you don’t think it’s important to discussion of the article. Most people wouldn’t be interested to read it. You don’t think you disagree with Elliot. You don’t think the error has wider consequences implying anything else needs fixing. You don’t think a post mortem should be done.

In general, it’s bad when people dismiss criticism as minor errors. That’s a common way that people refuse to debate. That involves disagreement about the importance of the error. But if the critic or error-reporter himself considers it minor (and the author agrees), then it’s reasonable to treat it as minor.

From: Debate, Rejection, Priorities and Endless Meta Levels

If you have more important thinks to work on, then you shouldn’t participate in this debate even if it has some (more than zero) positive value.

“thinks” should be things.

Reasonable people use the internet to receive information some information.

I think it was meant to be “Reasonable people use the internet to receive some information.”

I think you mean “It’s fine”.

I think you should delete the first “before”.