Typos Megathread

Don’t reply to Elliot’s articles with typos anymore. Report typos and minor errors here.

Minor means that you don’t think it’s important to discussion of the article. Most people wouldn’t be interested to read it. You don’t think you disagree with Elliot. You don’t think the error has wider consequences implying anything else needs fixing. You don’t think a post mortem should be done.

In general, it’s bad when people dismiss criticism as minor errors. That’s a common way that people refuse to debate. That involves disagreement about the importance of the error. But if the critic or error-reporter himself considers it minor (and the author agrees), then it’s reasonable to treat it as minor.

From: Debate, Rejection, Priorities and Endless Meta Levels

If you have more important thinks to work on, then you shouldn’t participate in this debate even if it has some (more than zero) positive value.

“thinks” should be things.

Reasonable people use the internet to receive information some information.

I think it was meant to be “Reasonable people use the internet to receive some information.”

I think you mean “It’s fine”.

I think you should delete the first “before”.

“Ideas weren’t considering often…”
There seems to be a word missing or a wrong word here. Should it be “Ideas we’re considering often…”?

Noticed a potential typo in the blog post

I’ve got a few things stuff to say about it:


Did a quick search to see if anyone else mentioned it yet, didn’t find anything. Hope it helps. Quick message, haven’t read everything and replied to everything I should yet

Found the typo above because a co-founder/colleague told me he drank 3 Zoas (my shallow understanding is it’s some kind of caffeine energy drink but I haven’t looked into it beyond a cursory search and looking at their website for ~30s when he first mentioned it a few weeks ago) and he doesn’t like how he feels and probably drank too much. So I linked him this blog post about caffeine being bad and told him he should consider quitting. He said he tried in the past but failed, but he will try again to cut them down 1 by 1. I think it’s a habit so maybe the habits post will also help him. Curiosity – Changing Habits

I just linked him that as well

A way look at it is if you do those activities enough …

Seems to be missing a “to” after “A way”.



So you might need to use sections that pretty short …

Seems to be missing an “are” after “that”.

  1. Practice a more and gradually speed up (while consciously making sure you’re doing it the new way, not the old way) and make it more subconscious and automatic

Should be “Practice a lot more…”

Sure there are skills you can learn to be better at making explicit arguments, articulating ideas, etc.

I think there should be a comma after “sure”.

  • In software, if something is used a lot, it’s strongly preferred to make it fully automatic. Something that’s used less often, or very difficult to automate, may require manual actions be a user

Last three words should be “by a user”.

The best way to use your conscious computing power is for learning new things and teaching them to your subconscious.

Possible grammar error with “for learning” and “teaching”. I ran the sentence through three grammar checkers and two of them suggested changes. I think “for learning” and “teaching” should be replaced with “to learn” and “teach”.

Grammar checkers:

This last one said no issues.

Not typos but this seems like the right place for this.

In your grammar article:

For learning more grammar in general, I particularly recommend Leonard Peikoff’s Grammar Course. See also my notes on Peikoff’s course and video on the first exercises (those were made when I knew less about grammar). If you practice the material in this article, you will know enough to begin Peikoff’s course.

The link to Peikoff’s grammar course is dead.
The link in the article is to:

The course and website still exist but you need to leave out the www, i.e:

Also your notes on the course are not for sale so it’s odd to include a link to them.


The notes were moved to be included in Fallible Ideas Bundle

I also just enabled them for individual sale so the direct link will work, but hid them from my profile/store page.

People misread more when they’re upset. The idea is that if they were skilled enough, their skill would still work reasonably well when upset, even though they’re worse at it when upset. It’s like how people are worse drivers when upset but they still usually don’t get into an accident. Their driving skill is good enough that, even when they’re driving worse, they still usually do reasonably OK (especially for more experienced drivers who can drive in a more habitual, automatic way – relying less on conscious attention means that being upset is less of a problem because being upset particularly distracts you’re conscious attention).

last sentence should end with “your conscious attention”

After you make progress on you analysis, substituting in reverse, to add words back into the text you’re analyzing, can help you apply your conclusions to the original subject matter.

…on your analysis…

Capitalism is an economic system in individuals are free to choose what economic activities to do.

Should be: “…system in which individuals are free…”

We doesn’t have a single reasonable alternative to evolution.

Should be: “We don’t have…”

Not positive about this one but it looks intuitively off.

This understanding encourages us to brainstorming ideas more.

Possibly should be: “…encourages us to be brainstorming ideas more.” or “…encourages us to brainstorm ideas more.” or “…encourages us toward brainstorming ideas more.”

And you can have people think for you , including scientists you never interact with but who indirectly inform your doctor about what disease you have and how to cure it, and also tutors who directly thinking about your personal problems.

Should be: “…who directly think about…”