Write How You Speak

Some people want to do philosophy but will barely talk on a philosophy forum because it takes them a lot of time and effort to write anything. They also don’t do enough private writing – notes, journaling, written brainstorming, written pro/con lists, essays, tree diagrams, etc.

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That sounds like me.

I did have bad experiences with writing when I was in school. I guess because my goal for writing wasn’t to organize and share my ideas. It was to write what I thought would get a good grade.

I probably don’t keep that in mind enough. I get stuck on a path that’s needlessly difficult instead of looking for a better path forward.

That makes sense. It’s probably not necessary to worry so much about grammar when I’m writing something. And resist the urge to go back and rewrite simple sentences with minor improvements.

Yeah and the biggest errors (in my case) are usually nothing to do with grammar. The grammar isn’t what’s holding me back from making progress.

That sounds much more efficient.

This also sounds like me.

If you’re on a forum with your friends, then it’s even easier.

This makes a lot of sense. It should be pretty easy for me to post a lot.

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