An Organized Plan for Learning Philosophy (explained with a tree diagram) [CF Video]


I found this video super helpful. I have been unable to put together a conceptual map of the ideas that go into Critical Fallibilism. I have made a few half-hearted attempts to put together trees for subsets of the ideas in Critical Fallibilism. None of those trees were completed and I didn’t like them very much. It is very nice to be able to visualize how all those ideas fit together. I think it’s kind of a motivational tool for me to be able to see how all the topics are connected.

I especially like the programming section. I thought it was a interesting to hear a super condensed version of what programming is conceptually.

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Here’s the tree in 3 formats.

philosophy tree.pdf (76.4 KB)
philosophy (5.0 KB)
philosophy tree.txt (4.8 KB)

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I think that one hard thing in learning philosophy is organizing and connecting the parts to each other well. The lack of organizing it and connecting it well fairly quickly leads to me getting confused or overwhelmed or something along those lines, and then just switching to something totally different instead. This behavior interferes with my learning. So I too found this video to be very helpful.